The Little Things We Take for Granted

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been active lately, but with college, studying, social life, and all the work that I had to do, I didn’t have much time to write anything.

To begin, my first semester’s GPA came out and I must tell you that it was very, very satisfying. I can’t tell you how proud I am of myself. Everything was awesome.

Unfortunately, I had a little accident last week and got out of it (thankfully) alive, but with a broken ankle. The doctors fixed everything by a small surgery and in 2 months I’ll be good as new! I’m great now though, I promise.

Brace yourselves, the life lesson’s coming. Haha!

From that little accident, I learned two very important things. First, I learned to be thankful. After the accident, mom said something very true: “Thank God it’s just that, and not worse.”

That sentence made me realize that God did indeed save me. I mean things could really have been so much worse; my ribs could’ve broken, or it could’ve been my hip or even my skull!
Here is where I apply what I’ve learned: every time someone brings up the accident and starts talking about all the negative things that happened, I say “Thank God it’s just a matter of ankle, and not something more severe.”

In fact, this makes me realize that we are never thankful enough for things that we do every day. Have you ever thanked God for being alive today? For waking up today? For being able to breathe today?

The second important thing I’ve learned was that every little thing that we do should be acknowledged. Let me tell you that ever since the surgery, the smallest acts, such as putting on a sock, have been a struggle. I never noticed how frequent movement was. Actually, I never noticed how much movement and muscle contraction putting on socks needed! I always did it so quickly that movement was neglected. This opened my eyes on the fact that my every-day actions, such as putting on a sock or even standing in a balanced manner, were things that I had taken for granted my whole life. And this also makes me think that we always do everything so quickly and never take the time to observe how things work, and how everything we do is perfectly coordinated by that body that was so meticulously engineered. Ah, you know what they say: You don’t know the true value of something until you lose it. Now, I understand this.

At first, I was very affected by the injury. It brought me down that something of the sort happened to me, and my inability to move other than on crutches really frustrated me because I couldn’t do the things I was usually able to do. Then it made me think that I’ve been sad about it for a week when some people were unable to move their entire lives. That kind of brings us back to being thankful for what we have…but it also highlights the fact that we take the small things for granted.

God forbid anything from happening to anyone of course. Remember that physical disabilities, whether permanent or temporary, shouldn’t affect your personality. You can still make the best out of your life, trust me. I promise you that everything will heal. Anything from broken bones to broken hearts to broken spirits can be healed…it just takes time.

Do something good for someone today: visit someone at the hospital or do some community service this week. Smile to others and pray for them. Pray for yourself and your family. And most importantly, be thankful for the little things.


Quick Reminder

It’s been a while since I last posted anything, but I’ve been really busy lately. Between school activities, extracurriculars, my studies, and family commitments, it’s hard to find the correct time to blog and to actually think and write. 

I won’t blabber much. I’m just here to tell you a thing or two. First of all, the most essential thing in life is to always be there for the people who need you. When someone needs a shoulder to cry on, be there for that person. When a friend needs to take a load off his/her chest, be the one who listens. The feeling of serenity you’ll feel afterwards is beyond satisfying. Not only have you helped someone out, directly or indirectly, but you’ve also been able to achieve inner peace. 

Also, be thankful for what you have. Lately, I made a decision to stop complaining and learn to accept and be happy with what I have. It worked fine the first week, so I’m trying to make it a lifestyle. Be thankful for your friends. At least I know I am. My friends are incredible, and I don’t know what I’d do without them. Be thankful for your family. No bond is stronger than the one that connects a man and a woman to their children. Family is irreplaceable. And lastly, instead of focusing on the negatives, learn to embrace the positives. 

That’s all I have to say. Put a smile on your face, be good to others, and be kind. You’re awesome, remember that.