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Found a New Home: since 2015. 

Some asked me when, and actually why, I’ve started this blog, and here’s my answer: I feel like my opinions are not taken seriously at many times, just because I’m young. And sure, who listens to teenagers anyway?

I thought that this had to stop. At first, I used to share my opinions on Twitter, but no matter how determined I was to state my opinions on a certain subject, there was always someone who wanted to prove me wrong, because s/he supposedly knew better. Again, who takes teenagers seriously anyway?

I believed that creating a blog would help me be more expressive, that I would finally be able to write without being subjected to useless and constant criticism (noting that criticism can be a good thing), but yes. And indeed, this blog has become like a personal diary where I am able to share all my thoughts, my writings and discover other people’s thoughts and writings in return.

Your comments are appreciated, don’t worry.

I really hope this blog goes far, and that I can get to people through it. The odyssey has only just begun!


5 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Helping people relate to each other makes a positive change in the world. People like you and me are making this world a better place by just admitting that we are suffering one way or another.

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