on Friendships

There are times when you do something because you think it’s the right thing to do, or because you think you’re doing that thing for the best. There are other times when you let your emotions take control and suddenly you do things that, to you, are fine, but to others, may or may not be as fine. 

This academic year is over and I had decided to look back on that year with my dad the other day. I realized that day that I had messed up throughout the year. I’ve learned that a friendship should never be measured by how often you and your friends talk. Just because you and X talk almost every day, if not every day, doesn’t mean that the two of you have a healthy friendship. My dad gave me the example of his best friends from school. He told me that he and friend A only see each other once or twice every 2-3 years. He and friend B occasionally see each other, and sometimes 5-6 years go by without him talking to friend C on the phone or on Facebook. But do you know what my dad told me? He told me that even if all his friends are away, and that he barely talks to them on social media or barely even sees them, he fully enjoys their company once they get together. He tells me that when they do meet up after a certain while, it’s as if they were never apart. And frankly, I think that’s beautiful. 

Distance shouldn’t be an obstacle for friendship. It’s fine if my best friend and I don’t talk every day. What’s important is that when we see each other in real life, we truly live our friendship; we laugh, we joke around, we share some good stories, and we create some great memories.

Also, I’ve probably talked about this like a million times but I’ll repeat it again. You cannot own friendships. People aren’t ours. Just give them their space, and if they really want to be friends with you, they’ll also call you to make plans and to spend time with you! It wouldn’t be a one-sided effort, and you would face much less disappointments. 

That’s all I have for today. I hope this post was helpful for the ones among you guys who have been through similar situations. Until next time, stay positive, stay elegant, give people their space, smile more often, and keep blogging. 

On a side note, I really wanted to share these song lyrics with you, but there is no proper context to share them. However this song really means to me and it describes an emotional state I’ve spent a lot of time in and I thought you should know about it too. These are two verses from Some Day by Shinedown. 

— Maria H. 


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