I meet new people every day.

Maybe not new as in physically new, but every day I meet sides of people I had never met before. Recently, many of the people I know are revealing aspects of their personalities that are completely new to me, and the more I got to know them, the more I realized that they all have one thing in common; they all have something about them, a trademark.

What’s interesting is that this something is always there, and when it’s not, the person just looks or seems weird.

Let’s say you know a person who wears hats every day. When you see that person without a hat on, you’d look at them differently…maybe even tell yourself there’s something absolutely wrong.

Very trivial example, I know.

The point is, everyone has that characteristic that makes them special. It could be material objects or personality traits. You know, trademarks are what I like to pin-point about people. I think trademarks really say a lot about them. They could reveal a happy personality, an outgoing character, a mysterious aura etc.

Take me, for example. Some people say my trademark is my copybook organization, and I honestly agree.

Many of my teachers and friends have pointed it out, saying stuff like “No way you can’t be that tidy!” and staring at my almost-typified handwritten notes.
However, when people see my philosophy copybook…they can’t believe it belongs to me. I frankly can say that the level of untidiness in there exceeds 80%. And this basically backs up my previous remark; the absence of organization found in my philosophy copybook makes it hard to believe that I’m the one who wrote down the notes.

Now what I’d like to say is, no matter how eccentric your trademarks are, do not, under any circumstances, change to be like other people. If you are the I’ll-wear-orange-and-pink-to-work-today kind of person, and you like to be that kind of person, then be it! Just because people talk about how “weird” you are, or how “unusual” your hairstyle is, or how “stupid” you look today, doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself. [As long as you’re not hurting anyone] BE PROUD OF YOUR QUALITIES.

People get jealous, I’ve noticed it. They always have those “I’ll never be able to pull that off” and “I’ll never be able to do better than that” thoughts haunting them. So, instead of keeping their comments to themselves and dealing with their own issues, they try to change you by going directly to what makes you special.

The final lesson: we’re all going to die, so might as well die being ourselves and feeling like we’ve left a good impact somewhere or on someone. And if that positive impact is going to be left by my supposedly weird routines and traits, then why hide them?


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