— Random thoughts ahead —

Just once, I want someone to tell me how much I mean to him/her. You see, I tend to always remind people of how important they are to me.

when I receive no messages all day, I realize how busy everyone is, how I’m always the one who starts the conversations, and how I force people into conversation. That sucks.

It’s sad to see that I’m ready to cross the desert for someone who wouldn’t cross the backyard on a hot summer day for me.

I want to sit by the beach at night and have deep conversations with someone. Anyone.

I want to gather all my closest friends and sit on the roof with them while listening to good music.

Someday, I’ll turn my bedroom into my own art studio.

Honestly, I noticed how happy people get when I compliment them or remind them of how awesome they are. I should do that more often.

I want people to know how much I love and care.

Damn, I look good today.

I love people who hug you tightly like there’s no one watching.

Every girl needs a guy best friend.

I want to be more self-confident, and even though I am getting there, looking at my flaws makes me believe I’ll never make it.

People who don’t leave you hanging without any reason are people who deserve warm hugs and respect.

I think you know how much I care about you and how valuable you are to me, I just hope you feel the same way.

I really need to make some good plans before summer ends.

Warm hugs are the best.

People are very confusing. I wish there were some way to make things clearer and make words easier to say.

Sometimes, I’m in that “feelings? No, thanks.” mood.

Meet new people. It’s good for you.

God, I want to take a moment to thank You for absolutely everything. My life, my family, my friends, my talents and Your eternal love and forgiveness.




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