They’re just bundles of love and hate. Bundles of confusion. People are a mixture of emotions incapable of being explained.

They’re very confusing, the people.

Many are the ones who wish you success and happiness, but once you get them, they want to knock you down. They get jealous and greedy way too easily. They can’t stand the fact that you’ve attained what you’ve given a hell-load of effort to reach.

Many are the ones who pretend to be someone they’re not just so they can find their way into other people’s lives. The question we can ask ourselves here is: is it really worth it? Are those people so alone and left out to the point of turning into someone who isn’t them?


They’re very confusing, the people.

They impose standards for beauty and intellect, yet they curse these standards. You hear them walking around, screaming “SOCIETY KILLED THE TEENAGER”, but they kill themselves to live up to those standards. Maybe society did kill the teenager, but what are you doing about it?

-Some things being said-

  1. It’s okay to have some extra weight, but it’s definitely better to be skinny and enjoy that thigh gap. So no, fat isn’t pleasant.
  2. It’s okay to want to go out looking natural, but it’s better to wear makeup and avoid revealing our skin flaws. So, no natural face. You look sick anyway.
  3. It’s okay to be from a different religion, but I don’t “mingle” with Muslims. So, no. We can’t be friends.

There’s a lot more.

Let me tell you one thing. Or three.

  1. When it comes to weight, skinny or fat isn’t the issue. Your goal must be “Healthy”. Being skinny doesn’t always mean you’re healthy. Skinny doesn’t always mean happy. So if you do have some extra weight, I won’t push you to diet (it’s your choice), but I suggest reaching the “healthy” phase. We don’t want you to be stick-thin. 
  2. When it comes to makeup, it’s a choice. Whether she wants to leave the house with a natural face or whether she wants to cake herself. Leave her alone.
  3. Lastly, don’t base your opinion about an entire religion on a small group of insane monsters who supposedly defend their “religious beliefs”.


They’re highly perplexing, the people.

They fall so easily, and become so vulnerable. But they hide their feelings behind a smile.

They expect others to love them endlessly, yet not all of these people love back.

They chase the ones who don’t love them, and they ignore the ones who’d take a bullet for them.

They tell you to pursue any career you want, but they always find the drawbacks to whatever you choose.

They want to succeed, but they step on the hard-workers to get what they want.

They want a non-corrupted nation, yet they let the stupid sectarianism lead their actions.

They want to be open-minded, yet they judge and criticize whatever does not match their way of thinking.

Humans. Always so bemusing.

Honestly, I believe there’s much more to this life than what we give it credit for. Life is an odyssey, really. Is this how we’re supposed to live? Puzzling? Evil? Miserable? Jealous? Broken?

I honestly don’t know. We can’t live as “neutral and passive”. Our challenge is living  otherwise. Since we’re all going to die, might as well die being good people.

Do good deeds, help one another, love one another, have fun more often, hold your head up, and put a proud smile on your face.

We can be good people.


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