To My Best Friends

Yesterday was #InternationalDayOfFriendship. (yes, as usual I’m late)

On this occasion, I would like to thank you all so much for sticking with me when I wouldn’t have stuck with myself. Thank you for helping me through the rough times and making me realize there’s a lot more to this life than what I was able to see at the time.

I probably wasn’t the best at a lot of things, I’ve messed up a few times, one of us made a little mistake that created so much tension, we had our disagreements, we fought, we laughed, and we made up.

I don’t know how it happened, this friendship. I don’t know how what we have hasn’t fallen apart yet. Imagine all our different ideologies, cultures, backgrounds, histories, characters all combined to form the – allow me to say it – fantastic group we are today!

However, what I know is that I can always count on you.

I probably got mad over trivial things. I probably blamed you for stuff that was actually stupid. You probably did the same with me. But heck, it’s behind us now.

Remember, dear best friends, that you mean the world to me even if we have our differences, and even if we disagree sometimes.

On this day, I wish to always have you by my side, because God knows when I will need a shoulder to lean on, or someone to laugh with.

Happy International Day of Friendship!


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