Wide of the Mark

It’s incredible how wrong I can be about a certain person or in a certain situation. You know, I sometimes believe my analysis regarding someone’s behavior or interactions with me originates from a certain fear: that of rejection. Or the fear of not being good enough. Or the fear of failure.


You see, talking to my friends makes me feel at ease and helps me forget whatever it is that I went through throughout the day. However, if I see that their conduct differs when we’re together compared to how we interact online, I feel like I am the problem. I feel like I’m being boring at the moment and I’m not being any fun, or maybe another member of the group is just funnier, or better to be around or whatever. I’ll give you a real-life example: just a few days ago, I talked to a friend about how people never fail to surprise me and I actually said that I felt like our friendship is different when you look at how we talk online, and how we interact in real life. But here is the thing. Our friendship is not different. It’s perfectly great in both cases. I just over-analyze and create some silly theories and I don’t know what else it is that I do, but for all that I know our amity is just fine. (Horrible habit I need to work on)

Maybe that is the fear of not being good enough. Being afraid you’re so lame that people don’t want to be seen with you. No, I’m just kidding. But we humans always seek to be loved and appreciated by people whom we consider dear, and, I don’t know why, we tend to over-analyze these people’s behaviors, and I think that even psychologists don’t go that deep. Truth is, the other persons didn’t even have the intention of making us feel this way, and weren’t even thinking that this is how we would react. This is how wrong you can be about someone’s actions and intentions.


Another thing I want to talk about is how quickly we start judging people and how incorrect and unjust our judgments turn out to be.

Please don’t tell me that you don’t judge people because I know everyone does.

Anyway, rumors are everywhere. You know that. Every day, someone might be subjected to a lot of rumors based on an incident that has been transmitted, from one person to the other, while being altered in one way or another. Incidents are never spread and told the way they happened. People always change a detail or two.

The worst thing we can do is base our judgment on what we hear. I’ve made the mistake myself. I let what people said about my best friend affect the way I thought of her, and honestly  you cannot imagine how badly I regret everything wrong I thought of her.

So to that I say never over-analyze a situation, and never let people’s words affect your own point of view because not only will you bring yourself down, but you will also be the main reason for the breakdown of your happiest relationships. Keep a positive attitude, stay true to others, be cool and go with the flow, and keep blogging.


2 thoughts on “Wide of the Mark

  1. Very true and quite personally relatable. I’ve given myself that talk quite a few times now, but the adjustment seems harder done than said. Anyway, it is something that needs to be done, no matter how long it takes. Nicely put to words there.

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