Types of People at Weddings

It’s been a really long time since I wrote one of those “types of people” posts, but summer has begun and so did wedding season. So if you’re anything like me, with a lot of relatives, you have probably attended many weddings, and have probably seen at least one of the following types of people.

1. The Party Animal. 

This is the kind of person who starts dancing from the beginning of the wedding party until the end. Non-stop. Endless dancing and shaking. No exhaustion. Whatsoever.

2. Lady Gaga.

The woman wearing the weirdest dress you could imagine. Gaga isn’t the only one who can pull off eccentric, because this woman right there can be a real competition.

3. The Vodka Machine.

This is the person who carries his/her vodka shots everywhere. From table to table, on the dancefloor…sometimes, I’m afraid s/he will carry them to the bathroom.

4. The Selfie Machine.

The name speaks for itself. #Wedding #Fun #Like4Like.

5. The Critic.

The one who has to criticize everything. It can go from the bride’s dress, to the lighting system. This person just has to find at least one negative aspect of the wedding.

6. The Foodie.

This person just goes to the wedding for the food. Refuses to dance in fear of missing any new addition to the buffet.

7. The Loner.

That person sits by himself/herself. Refuses to socialize, dance, ask for a napkin, or lift his/her eyes from his/her phone.

8. Shorty.

The chick who wears 20-centimeter heels in order not to look miniature in pictures.

9. The overly-dressed.

Ah, yes. Even when the person getting married is not related directly to you, you dress too fancy. Woman (or man), just because your sister’s husband’s brother-in-law’s cousin’s nephew’s daughter’s second son is getting married, doesn’t mean you can dress as fancy as the bride/groom’s parents and siblings.

10. The not-so-dressed. (Sorry, couldn’t find a better name but I had to mention this one)

To explain, this is the person (most probably a woman) who wears a dress which over-exposes her body. Um, excuse me, that’s a beautiful necklace you got there…but I doubt your breasts are part of the jewelry package. Cover up woman this isn’t a joke.


That’s all I have for this post but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of types I have not mentioned either because I haven’t spotted them yet or because I have simply forgotten about them. Until next time, keep blogging!



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