Situations Song Lyrics Sometimes Put Us Into

I’m sure all of you got bored in class at a lot of times and then scribbled some random song lyrics on your copybook, desk or empty piece of paper.

Concerning my adventures with song lyrics, well, they are quite entertaining. Or not.

Once during an exam back in middle school, I decided to grab my scratch paper and wrote down “It’s time to be a big girl now, and big girls don’t cry.” (Fergie lyrics)

A little later, I handed in my exam and threw that scratch paper in the garbage (the recycling bin for papers).

Then, it was time for my second exam, and as I sat there all focused, the supervising teacher grabbed the paper from the recycling bin and said, “Hey. It’s okay to cry. Someone wrote “big girls don’t cry” on this piece of paper and I just wanted to say that everyone cries, even big girls, and it’s okay to cry.”

Thanks for the lecture, really. Those are three precious minutes from my exam duration that I will never get back.

Again in middle school, I used to write a lot of song lyrics on my copybooks. In fact, there was a copybook that had a page full of song lyrics. And some doodles. Also, my friends wanted to start a band back then and asked me to design their logo, so it went on there too.

I know what you’re all thinking. It’s a copybook I rarely used.

So anyway, I was looking through it when our teacher, who happens to be a priest, asked to see it. Naturally, I shook my head right and left hoping he would leave me alone, but he snatched it from my hands. He opened to the band logo page and gave me this horrified look (the logo included demon wings). He then landed on the page full of song lyrics, and said to me, “And who are these written for, Maria?” so I tried to explain that those were song lyrics and not actual feelings or poetry of any sort, but all he said to me was, “Mhmmmmm.”

And…Oh. My. God. I remember writing My Chemical Romance lyrics on my chemistry copybook once in ninth grade, and at the end of the year my teacher asked if he could take it with him so he could keep the notes he gave us. And I immediately gave it to him. Funny part is that I had completely forgotten what else was written on there. I never knew what his reaction was after he saw “I DON’T LOVE YOU LIKE I DID YESTERDAY” written in some large bold font.

And, by the way, do you ever just tweet really sad song lyrics but ones that aren’t that known so people reply back asking if everything’s okay? Yeah, happens a lot.

Notice: song lyrics could be posted intentionally when you’re online to pass you an indirect message. Beware, some people might be directing really mean lyrics at you. On places where everyone can see.

There are lot of other events in my life that I’ll probably be talking about later on. Until then, I hope you learn to never write song lyrics anywhere but on social media (it’s for the best), and I also hope you enjoyed this little post. Keep blogging!


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