Part One

I know that I can get a little clingy. I know that I have been perfectly lame these days and that I haven’t been the slightest bit happy. I know that I decide to talk to you for something pretty much useless and that I try too hard to keep the conversation going. But the thing is, I need you. It may seem that the song lyrics I’ve posted lately were about being heartbroken, but that is exactly what I am. You love someone else, and you try your best to have long conversations with that person, but can’t you see that is what I’m doing? Can’t you see that I’m doing exactly what you are aiming for?

The truth is, the day we met was one of the most amazing days I’ve gone through. Ever. We talked about our favorite music, our favorite movies and books, and we found out we had a common interest in sports and adventure. It was perfect.

Then we started talking every day, and those were the moments I enjoyed most. We talked about everything and nothing. And I enjoyed it. I enjoyed knowing you trusted me. We were so different, yet so alike. There are no specific words to describe what we were, but if I had to try and choose two words, I would say special, yet unusual. I don’t know anymore.

Today, now that I know that your heart is burning for someone else, I feel like I’m losing you. This is why I can get clingy; I want to talk to you, about anything. I want to make you laugh, I want to be there for you, I want to make sure you’ll never forget me. I sometimes wish you would call me late at night just to say you miss my voice. Or sometimes, I wish you would send me a message, saying you want to talk to me, because you need me. You’re the reason I hurt sometimes, but it’s okay. I’m used to it. Just know, that I’ll always find a way never to lose you to anyone else, regardless of how much better that other person is compared to me.

I might no longer have any importance in your life, but I’ll always be there, no matter how hard it is. They say “time heals wounds”, but time is just an illusion. All I have to say is, I’m there, and I’ll never leave.



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