Left Alone

Here I was, room 72.

I wasn’t there by myself…Peter was in there too; he was my roommate.

Peter had a little heart stroke, but thankfully, he survived. I, on the other hand, had an open-heart surgery yesterday. It was my third surgery this month, and I survived, I guess…just not thankfully.

Look at the people in this room. They all came to visit Peter, whether in the morning, at noon, or in the evening. Look at them, all concerned.

I was alone. My kids are spread in countries all over the world. My daughter is in Scotland, my son is in Germany and my other son is in China. Do they know I’m here? Do they even remember me?

My wife, Elsa, would have come…but she, too, is far gone. She’s in Heaven. Must be nice up there.

Look at Peter’s family. They seem worried about him. They were afraid he was going to die. Hah, pathetic. I bet none of them paid him a single visit when he was healthier. Now that he almost said good bye, everybody’s suddenly compassionate. Heartless phonies. Peter doesn’t need any of you.

I thought to myself that it would still be nice to have someone to talk to. I wonder how Julie is doing in Scotland. She’s a doctor. I guess she has patients to take care of. Carl, well as an engineer, he must be busy. Germany’s been giving him a tough time. And, Mike. He’s an entrepreneur…easy to invest in China and to make a fortune. But how could you possibly forget about me you sons of the Devil!
After all I did for you, I hope you all rot in hell! You don’t even bother to visit your poor dad while he’s in the hospital.

Soon, I closed my eyes and fell in a deep sleep. The thing about that nap was that I didn’t wake up.  Indeed, the surgery had failed, and I was now reunited with Elsa.

I’d like to see you kids come for me now.

And, as a matter of fact, they were at my funeral. Seems like they’ve waited for my demise to check up on me.

Yes, even when married to a loving woman, and after having three kids, I never felt complete. I was alone. I’ve always wanted to be happy, but deep inside me a battle between loneliness and hate on one hand and serenity and happiness on the other was raging. Let me tell you one thing. I raised my kids the best way that I could, and they all left me. And one last thing. As a kid, I was left alone. As a teenager, I was left alone. As an adult, I was left alone. And in the hospital, I was not simply left alone, I was forgotten.



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