It’s been a while since I last expressed a personal opinion on here, but I’m back with something.

I just wanted to say how much of a humiliation to Earth the human race has become.

First off, I’d like to talk about the television shows that each and every single viewer on this planet might be subjected to. Disgusting.

The other day, my mom and I came across E! Channel and at that exact moment, a show called “New Money” was on. What if I told you that the world of television has come to creating a show about haughted and conceited nouveaux-riches? Moreover, the show held a competition that monitored which rich couple could spend the most money! Apparently, some woman’s husband bought her a new Porsche, but she refused it and forced him to return it because it didn’t include a cup-holder. Ever heard of car accessories? What’s even better than that, it’s that her husband kept that Porsche and bought another one! Are these things cheap as hell or?

Also, TV seems to focus a lot on portraying the ruthless nature of mankind. Imagine all movies talking about murder, betrayal, heartache, confusion, and hate.

Another issue I would like to include in this is the new “theme” adopted by the pop/EDM music industry. Well, as you have probably seen, besides the catchy beats and rhythms, the lyrics seem to focus on the need for sex, need to see naked women, and not to mention enjoying the jiggling butts. Where is the pop music that tackled issues like broken hearts, family, loss and pain? Why the drop in social values and the shattering of self-respect?

Furthermore, I’d like to talk about how the media is objectifying women. Yes, women all over the world are subjected to society’s supposed standards of beauty. Did you know how bad the side effects of the “Kylie Jenner Challenge” were? Did you know that publicity is using women to send subliminal messages through advertisement? You perhaps didn’t.
In fact, studies show that these advertisements exploit women to send messages of sexual assault, rape, and even murder. Notice: this applies to video games as well. The high-defintion graphics, the pornographic scenes and the excitement when it comes to murder in order to get what you want.

Not sure if you’ve heard of the artist Ahlam whose TV show was shut down after displaying a serious degredation of values, by pretending she was a queen and asking people what they would do to please her so they could get one of her rings as reward [which, I bet, would be the cheapest ring she owns]. Some people indeed said that they were ready to sell their houses, to cheat on their husbands/wives etc.

To finish this, I’d like to say that don’t let the media fool you, be careful not to fall between the hands of obnoxiousness and vanity, and know your values, because in a world where everyone has become materialistic, the only precious thing you should hold on to is your values and your self-respect.



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