“There’s something about you,”  he said.

“You know,” he continued, “There’s something about you as a person that I love, but I can’t figure it out. You’re special.”

“I am not special,” I said, “In fact, I have so many flaws I don’t even know what interests you in me, when there’s plenty of other people out there who are much, much better than I am.”

He looked at me with a confused look and said, “Are you being serious?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so. It’s weird that you haven’t noticed or pointed it out. I create a problem out of nothing. I let my anger out on people way too often. I stress myself and the other people around me out. I’m also really lame. I get jealous a lot and sometimes way too clingy. I suck at keeping my mouth shut. I’m way too oversensitive. Truth is, I’m a wreck. I don’t even know why people are still sticking around. I feel like someone’s paying them to stay with me. I don’t understand how they can stand me, when I wouldn’t even sit with me if I were another person. I wouldn’t tolerate me.”

“I don’t see that at all. You’re so nice and…”

“Hah, nice. Well maybe I don’t show any of what I’ve just mentioned, but honestly, I’m better off alone.”

“Frankly, what I see is someone who loves everyone and is willing to devote all her time for people. I’m a pure example. You have so many great qualities that many people lack. Who else would I talk to about my fears, my problems, and my social awkwardness? Trust me, I’ll always be here for you, and I will love you regardless of all your supposed “flaws”.”

I grinned a little.

“I love your smile,” he said, “I want you to smile, always” he continued as he grabbed my hand and kissed my forehead.


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