I stepped into the cold establishment, unaware of what was waiting for me behind the specified door. As I walked through the hallway, with two other men behind me, I looked around; everyone seemed different. Some were happy, others left the building relieved. Yet, in the corner over there, some were desolate.

It was terrifying. 

I continued walking and looking around simultaneously. The sky was grey, the crows were out, the thunder began to roar. I swallowed my anxiety down, and looked at the ground.

There we were. At the door. Who knew what nasty beast was waiting for me behind that portal. One of the disciples said to me, “Hey, it’s time to go in there. Let’s do this”, and nodded to the one beside him.

I walked in. 

“Hello,” the man said. “Come on in.”

I could definitely see the evil in his eyes, and the demoniac intentions in his voice. I was his puppet.

“Come on, this won’t do you any harm. On the contrary, it will be for your own good.”

I sat down, and observed as he picked up the blades.

The two other men who were beside me witnessed the master’s every move, and were prepared to enjoy what they were about to see.

I was paralyzed, and before I knew it, a spell was put on me, and I felt powerless. My eyes started closing, all that so I wouldn’t see the atrocity I was about to be subjected to.

Everything was obscure as I fell into a deep sleep. The blades were out, and my heart surgery began.



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