Smile More!

Honestly, I believe that in a world where danger reigns, our only solution is to seek help, and stay strong. Easier said than done, you might say, but not impossible. I have liked Unicef’s Facebook page a while ago, and I’ll be sharing some of the pictures I’ve come across. This is a short post, I know, and it’s definitely not that much of a moral lesson, but smiling changes you and makes you stronger. A smile can change you entire day, and believe me, when I saw those few pictures, my heart was overwhelmed with joy. I was happy that the world is turning to the better, no matter how slowly. If you need aid, do not hesitate to search for it. Be kind, be good, and smile more!



Credits to the Unicef CHAD, Unicef Rwanda, and Unicef Srevige Facebook pages for the pictures.


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