Pray for Beirut


You have been a victim of so many wars, so many riots, so many conflicts, and you keep being a victim. You’ve watched your people die one after the other, man after man, child after child. You’ve heard all the screams, all the heart-shredding cries of the people, all the explosions, all the shootings.


Unfortunately, Lebanon was not gifted. Lebanon has tried, the army has tried, the people have tried, but it was only able to do the quarter of the quarter of what France can do today.


I’m sorry you have to go through this; see your people perish between the hands of evil.


People are just surprised that what happened to you actually took place, but everyone knows you can always fix yourself, and start rebuilding. When you rebuild, you will renovate yourself. You will change everything, from the slightest window to the most developed security systems.


People are praying for you, but don’t care about us. They never direct cameras at us and we are never subject of concern…mainly because people expect this. They expect a country as small and powerless as Lebanon to be victim of terrorism and darkness. People are used to this. Beirut has been through this before, so going through it again is completely normal.


You are strong, and you can always bloom again.

My dear Beirut, I hope that one day, you will find peace. I hope that one day children would walk your streets without being afraid of an attack that might take place at any time. I hope that one day you will retrieve your glory. I hope that a part of you would remain so that we could still show off in front of others because we still have it.

My dear Beirut, I hope that one day, your people will stop fleeing. I hope that one day, bombs would be a myth. I hope that one day, we would all sleep in peace, not afraid of someone blowing up our houses at any second.

My dear Beirut, you have our Prayers.

A must-read article.

(Photo drawn by Reem Abi Samra)


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