I’ll be there

You know,

It’s okay if you want to leave me in order to meet someone new. I understand. I don’t mind no longer being the one with whom you share your problems, regardless of how serious or little they are. I have absolutely no problem with not being the one who makes you laugh when you need it. I’m not asking you to take me to prom, mainly because I know you wouldn’t even think of inviting me in the first place. It’s okay. You moved on and made new friends, and I’m happy for you. You found someone who is much better than I am…prettier, smarter, funnier.

But just know, I’ll always be there. I know that you might have forgotten everything we shared in the past few years, but trust me, I’ll always be there. Not because I’m a clingy, emotional wreck, but because I never stopped being there. Sometimes you didn’t even need me, but you just wanted to talk…to anyone. And so we did. You see? Even for trivial matters, I was there. So, go ahead and take a step forward…move on with your life and forget about me. But if you ever decide to come back, I’ll be there.


(credits to the Twitter user who tweeted this picture.)


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