Smile More!

My school principal always says the following to us: I love the smiles.

Smiling changes you. Smiling makes you feel better. Smiling makes others feel better. Smiling brings youth and vitality back to you. Smiling fixes you.

Today, my friend was having a terrible day because of her test result. So I first tried to cheer her up, but in vain. Then I told her she looked like a sad little mouse, and I smiled to her. She smiled back, and it was as if she suddenly forgot why she was sad.

This is a very basic example just to say that smiling makes a difference. The only way to keep on smiling is by being positive.

Why should we always look at the downsides of life when we can look at all the upsides? Come on, be positive! Smile!

Honestly, I think we shouldn’t let someone or something ruin our day. So, having said so, we can work on that. Just ignore and walk away.

Also, do more of what makes you happy.

I love smiles. I love seeing someone smiling out of happiness. And you are never as beautiful as you are when you are smiling from the heart.

Thus, don’t just smile for the camera, do it for the sake of positivity and joy!

I say we start spreading our “positive and good vibes” a little more. Keep smiling!


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