As She Danced

She danced.

She would close her eyes and step outside, regardless of the weather, and she would dance.

The shoes that drowned away the stress, she wore.
The earphones that brought to her the melody, she put on.

It didn’t matter what song came on. It could have been smooth jazz, or funky pop music, or even a song by Jimi Hendrix…in fact it could have been any song. She didn’t care. She would dance.

On rainy days, she would step outside and dance until her trench coat got so wet, to the point where she could take it off, and it would be the same. The rain washed away the sorrow, the agony, the stress, and the confusion. She was clean. Her soul was clean.

On sunny days, she would walk out and dance until the wind stopped blowing her hair and her dress, until she felt the sweat dripping from her forehead. She felt light. She felt different. She felt happy.

Mother would call her out, and as a result of being overwhelmed with happiness, she would come back in. In her room, she danced. Surrounded by four walls, she brought back the memories…

…the memories of a child with no worries, with no problems, with no stress, or agony, or utter confusion.

She felt alive again…as she danced.


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