I looked around me…and thought.

I looked around me and;
Saw that I have parents who love me, when others were alone.
Saw that I have a roof over my head, when others had trouble finding the place they call home.
Saw that I had food on my table, when others struggled to find crumbs of bread.
Saw that I was blessed enough to have a place to sleep, when others can’t find a place to lay their head.
Saw that I can go to school, when others can’t read or write.
Saw that I learned values, when others are doing everything but what is right.
Saw that I had friends to hang out with, when others barely know anyone but themselves.
Saw that I was healthy, when others are fighting terribly for the sake of health.
Saw that I was sane, when others dealt with drugs.
Saw that I am loved, when others are getting shot in the ribs instead of receiving warm hugs.

But what is happiness, you may ask?

Let me tell you that happiness for a fact is learning how to be thankful, and not simply realizing others have it worse. You can always compare, but you can not be thankful.

“Why can’t I be happy?” you ask…

Here I thought that we are not happy because we are not thankful.

We always want more.

We want what we can’t have.

We want to feel successful but all we do is worry about what might happen.

We work hard, maybe too hard.

We never learn to appreciate what we have, nothing is ever good enough.

We are afraid of evolution, of risks, so we stay where we are.

Negativity is stepping in the way of us being completely happy. Negativity is becoming part of us. We have become the monsters we have never wanted to be.

“How do we stop being a monster?” you said, afraid.

Be thankful. Even though some have it worse, others live ā€” truly ā€” happily with less than what you own.

Being thankful has changed the way of seeing things, and here is when you become part of the humanitarian act that is helping the ones who need it, and once you do, they’ll be thankful….and happy.


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