Types of Shoppers

It’s time to hit the mall and go shopping! Also, it’s about time you start realizing the different types of shoppers there are. No shopper is similar to another, obviously, and each of these shoppers has distinct traits.

1. The Quick Shopper.

This is the kind of shopper – whether male or female – who knows exactly what s/he needs and exactly which shop s/he has to go to. “Hmm, I need new running shoes. Adidas it is!”

2. The Confused Shopper. 

That is the kind of shopper who goes into a store, feeling the need of buying something – whether necessary or not – but has no idea whatsoever of what to buy. And basically this person spends about an entire hour in the same store just wandering around looking at what is displayed, hoping to find something to buy.

3. The Brands’ Best Friend.

Come on. We all know that one person who wears nothing but original brands. Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Guess, Massimo Dutti or even UGGS. Of course, we cannot have a Chanel purse replica and not an original, people will talk. So, let’s spend 2000$ on an original purse!

4. The Fashion Diva. 

This is the kind of shopper who goes into the super trendy stores and buys all latest trends. Cropped tops, ripped jeans, trashy 7$ shirts, plaid shirts…everything. Who cares if it suits me or not? It’s the newest trend so I must follow it.

5. The Never-Too-Tight Chick. 

Every single thing she buys must be tight and slim fit. It has reached the point where, besides tight skirts and shirts, even pajama pants and sweatpants have to be tight. No dear, these are the two things that you absolutely, definitely, honestly cannot wear when they’re tight. It’s just wrong. This does not apply only to girls, actually, because guys seem to be going to the extremes with the extreme skinny jeans.

6. The Over-Demanding Shopper. 

This is the kind of shopper who doesn’t give the salesmen any break. S/he keeps on asking for more and complains about poor service and how s/he isn’t finding his/her size and still insists on trying on everything in the entire store and makes the salesman go back and forth, trying to find what that client needs.

7. The Ultimate Spender.

This one is straight forward. This kind of shopper goes into the mall empty-handed and comes out with 100-ish shopping bags. That credit card must be loaded and that is actually an interesting phenomenon. And that, my friends, is what you call a “Shopaholic”.

8. The Only-Shows-Up-During-Sales-Period Shopper.

IT’S SALES TIME! Time for that kind of shopper to hit the mall and get everything for a lower price! But during normal days, you never see this kind of shopper at the mall. Except maybe at Starbucks, because hey, you can never not show up and have a frappuccino.

9. The Lucky Shopper.

This is the kind of shopper who goes to the mall, hoping to find, say, a cute casual dress, and ends up finding that dress! No need to invest all the stores in the region, because that person sure has some good luck.

10. Last but not least, The Not-So-Lucky Shopper.

This is me, I have to admit. I can honestly say that I don’t always find what I need in malls. And when I do, it’s considered a miracle. The even sadder part of the story is that when I like something, it turns out to be the most expensive thing the store is displaying. So if you’re that kind of shopper, I think you can relate to that.

So if you happen to be any type of shoppers listed above, feel free to leave a comment below!


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