Zero-Dollar Gift

What the world lacks is good will, and what it needs is a group hug.

Yes. Our world is in fact in need of some generous people, of some helping people, of some nice people. But instead of taking action, we just sit, stare, and complain about how no one does anything about society’s situation.

However, we can make a change.

Say ‘hello’ when you run into your friend at school, or your neighbor in the building hall. You might make his/her day.

Thank your helper at home. And thank him/her warmly every day. You might not know this, but a simple ‘thank you for all your hard work’ from time to time can change his/her life. S/he will feel appreciated and extremely happy with the effort put to the daily house work.

Help an elderly person with his/her things, or at least let that person pass through the door first.

When you pass by a worker, or an employee who seems to be having a bad day, or even when your parents get back from work at night, a simple ‘yaatik al aafye’ — ‘Good job today’ in Arabic — makes the person’s day a whole lot better. This person will feel like you sense the hard work and pressure s/he is going through and will automatically feel better.

Helping someone up the stairs, or helping someone carry his/her groceries, or donating to charities and doing some community service are other simple acts of kindness that one can do. You may not notice, but to others, these little acts mean the world.


And that, my friends, is something we should always keep in mind.


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