It’s Alright.

It’s alright to feel this way.

Listen to me.

It’s alright to feel like crying for no reason.
It’s alright to get all pissed off at something that might seem stupid to others.
It’s alright to feel in need of compassion when you’re feeling down.

After all, you are a human. You have feelings. Your emotions do take roller coasters. It’s completely human.

It’s alright to feel confused when it comes to choosing your future.
It’s alright to feel in need for advice.
It’s alright to have problems that you can’t seem to solve.

After all, you are human. You have full rights to ask for help. Life is there to put obstacles, but you can definitely ask for counceling. It’s completely human.

It’s alright if you face your insecurities at some point.
It’s alright if you feel the need to have a perfect nose, body, or hair.
It’s alright if you have moments when you feel confident, but then have others when you feel like crap.

After all, you are human. It’s normal to feel that you must have what you don’t have. So it’s normal for you to want to change yourself, as well as hate yourself at a certain moment. It’s completely human.

Listen to me. It’s alright. You are a freaking human being. You were born with feelings. Things can go from good to bad to worst in a glimpse of a second. It’s natural to feel uncomfortable, or unhappy, or even excited at some points in life. You know why? Because you were gifted with feelings. If you are feeling unhappy today, and feel the need to cry, because it seems like it’s your only option to let the sadness out, then cry. It’s alright. If you are put under extreme pressure, which makes you even more confused than you already are, seek help. It’s alright. Help is never wrong.

Just know, it’s okay not to be okay. And know that time heals.

It’s just an unhappy day, and it will pass. There will come better days, I promise.


5 thoughts on “It’s Alright.

      1. A lot of her songs have a similar theme. Some that come to mind when I read your post are “I believe,” “The Lonely,” and “Burning Gold.”

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No problem. Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Rey, and Marina and the Diamonds are three other similar singers you might like 🙂


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