Making Things Clear

It’s completely human and normal to be different, and let us make a few things clear…

Not everyone has to like you, or have the same music taste as you, or think in the same way you do.

Not everyone likes the same fashion as you, or laughs at your jokes, or enjoys the same movies as you do.

You don’t have to be actually depressed to feel empathy.

First, by the way, do you even know what Schizophrenia really is? If you don’t, then I suggest you don’t use it as an adjective to describe yourself. Actually don’t use it as an adjective at all. The same goes for “bipolar”, “psycho”, “retarded”, “depressed”, “panic attack”, and the other mental disorders. Mental illnesses are not a trend. You don’t use them as adjectives.



Second, you are not obliged to be a fashion diva. You are allowed to have your own style. Yes, you can wear those leggings with those shoes if you like them this way. You are not forced to wear cropped tops and short shorts when you don’t feel comfortable in them. Just because some shops are too stupid to display varities of clothes doesn’t mean you have to wear what is displayed for you. You keep looking for that shop that screams, “This shop is your zone! Come in!”

Third, it’s your music. I know that deep down there you are hiding what kind of music you really like. So what if your entire class listens to the Top 40? If you want to be a metalhead or an oriental music enthusiast then go ahead! You do not have to listen to music that does not give you that special feeling.

Forth, you are nothing without your values and your brain. A pretty face is a bonus. You should know that being — according to society’s standards — pretty means nothing if you do not know any of life’s values such as generosity, kindness, love, empathy, and brotherhood, or know how to use your brain to get out of a situation. Do not base your worth on society’s standards. You are awesome and beautiful because you are yourself. Being/playing dumb is not something to be proud of, honestly.

Finally, you do not have to be an atheist if other people in your school are. If you want to believe, then who has the right to stop you? The matter of faith is something personal, and it’s a choice you make, and not others. Believing in Jesus as your Savior is not wrong, or “abnormal”  or “stupid” at all. Learn that, and there’s absolutely no shame in that.

I say it again, it’s absolutely normal to be different, and it’s not “weird” at all. On the contrary, being yourself is the key to success.


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