Friendship About to Take a Step.

This is something I have decided to write about because, as you have probably read from the title, my friendship with someone very close to me is taking a big step.

My best friend is leaving to the U.S. with her family — for personal reasons — and well this is a bit hard for me and for my other friends. But mostly me. I don’t know how others are taking it but I can say that the idea has still not settled in my mind. How could my best friend possibly be leaving?

I know we said that we were going to Skype each other and text each other every day once she’s there, but here is something I hope you treasure from now until you — hopefully not — forget about me.

I want you to know, that I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like you were invisible or no one cared about you, because if I did, it was never my intention. I’m sorry for sometimes being an overreacting drama queen and accidentally yelled at you to let my anger out. I want you to know that without you being in my life I would never have had someone at school to actually have conversations like the ones we have, or to complain to. You know what’s great about you? You listen to others, and that is not something weird. It’s a gift. I love how you laugh at my jokes, even the lame ones, and how we can talk about anything and everything. I also enjoy your warm hugs. You’re so sweet and funny and I can’t imagine how the coming years will be without you. And finally, know that among everyone on this planet I’m from the ones who really really really love you, for who you are and for all you have done.

I hope you enjoy the U.S. and that you find yourself fitting there.

I love you, Tia.


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