Types of People at the Beach

It’s summertime. The sun is shining, the sky is clear, the trees are drying up — not really — and life is cool. I’m pretty sure it’s about time we start going to the beach, am I right? I believe that you have been going to the beach ever since you were a kid, but have you ever really paid attention to the varieties of people over there? Here’s a list of the different people you find. Enjoy.

1. The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet.

This is the kind of person who has whatever you want to eat in stock. You see all those kids at the beach going like, “Mommy! I’m starving! Give me a bag of chips!” and all you can see is this mom getting a bag of chips out of her bag. It’s incredible. I sometimes believe she will take out a lobster from there, seeing that she practically has everything in her bag.

2. The Gourmet.

This is the kind of person who goes to the beach and does nothing but eat. Trust me, there’s a lot of them. Once when I was at the beach, there was this woman who was savoring some delicious cookies. Can’t blame her, I do get hungry. However, after she was done with the cookies, she took out a sac of crackers. And after that, as I was passing by, she was opening a bag of chips. Bon appetit?

3. The Haughted Lifeguard.

Well. No need for a lot of explanation. We all know that lifeguard who believes he’s so cool and acts as if he’s Brad Pitt or so. He’s also the one who has to show his abs all the time. I know he’s at the beach but come on, he makes it quite obvious.

4. The Phone-Obsessed.

You know those people who go to the beach but do nothing but look at their screens? Geez people, you can do this at home. When I am at the beach, I do not touch my phone except when I need to urgently call someone or listen to some music for like about 10 minutes. But seriously, these people show you how inseparable humans are from their screens.

5. The Selfie Machine.

The Selfie Machine is basically the one who goes to the beach in order to take selfies of him/her and then upload them on instagram, just to say that s/he was at the beach. Hashtag at the beach, hashtag with my peeps, hashtag summer.

6. The Acrobat.

This is the kind of people who jumps while doing backflips and some crazy moves. All I can say is be careful not to end up in the hospital, my friend.

7. The Swim-suit Model.

You know how trends come and go, right? Well, this is the kind of person who buys the newest swim-suit just to show it off to others. If it fits, if it doesn’t, if it makes her look fat, WHO CARES?

8. The Water Lover.

The one who never gets out of water no matter what and spends his/her time swimming and coming back, then starting over.

9. The Beyoncé Wannabe.

It’s the type of women who does nothing but tan. Can’t blame her though, I mean, who doesn’t want to have Beyoncé’s skin tone?

10. Last but not least, The Loner.

This is the kind who disturbs no one, hurts no one, and asks for the company of no one. That person just goes to the beach to have some alone-time and to just sit, relax or enjoy the water. So this was it, I guess you guys have encountered these people previously. If not, you will someday, trust me. Enjoy your summer, and stay awesome.


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