A Matter of Personal Opinion

I’m sure you’ve all heard about what happened the other day and about the Supreme Court’s decision. Well. I know I’m no one in particular to exactly take a stand or a position against that decision, but I can still express some thoughts on whatever has been going on regarding the subject.


I guess you have a Twitter account. If not, you’re lucky. For starters, people try to impose their decisions and opinions on others. LISTEN TO ME YOU IGNORANT FOOL, YOU ARE INSANE FOR BEING AGAINST GAY RIGHTS AND YOU SHOULDN’T BELONG HERE.

Guys. This is something a friend said to me: living Biblically and following religion is not wrong, and no one is imposing gay lifestyle on others. The whole thing should not even be a topic of conversation because everyone thinks as he/she pleases and others think differently.

He’s not wrong. I would actually say he’s more than right. It’s like people basically have to impose their ways of thinking on others, and these people become more stubborn than usual and then BAM! a bunch of useless conflicts and arguments have been launched. Personal opinions are meant to be kept to oneself – mainly why they are called personal – and should be respected.

I don’t particularly support gay rights, but I respect them as people, because it’s most of the time not their fault if they have a different sexual orientation, and after all, we’re all human (if you happen to be homosexual and reading this, know I don’t hate you and don’t mean to offend you in any way). Therefore, not supporting gay rights doesn’t necessarily mean that you hate homosexuals. There’s a big difference.

Our part in all of this is to help whenever we can. You can always help, even though it takes time. A sinner is someone who is judged by God and should not be judged by us. I mean, who are we? So I suggest that we stop imposing our supposedly correct opinions on others and seize an opportunity to help when it is available and if not, leave the rest to God.

Learn to stop hating, and start helping.


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