Messed Up

As I always say, we live in a weird world.

It seems like kids these days have lost all sense of manners and decency. Kids and early teens show that they have been raised in a chaotic or “anti-proper-raising” environment, which I hope is not the case.

Let me ask you these questions: why would a fifth-grader have the newest iPhone? Why would a seventh-grader go out and party more than an adult? Why would a 10-year-old know how to swear?

The other day, two fifth-graders in my school bus were repeatedly saying one of the biggest swear words known in my country – purposely – out loud.

Kids these days have no shame. Seriously, when I was 10, I never dared to curse, and I still don’t…because I knew that cursing led to bad consequences, but it seems that today, parents don’t care. Some of them even become proud. OH WOW MY SON SAID A CURSE WORD. EVERYONE APPLAUD, HE’S A MAN!

Another thing I want to say is that it’s not okay to disobey your parents, and it does not make you bad-ass if you disobey your parents. It does not give you “street cred” – or in your case, “playground cred”.
What’s funny is that some early teens break the rules and then receive a punishment but they end up thinking: my parents hate me. Hate to break it to you, buddy, but that’s called parenting.
Learning to abide by the rules and conditions of the parents and helping them out actually helps you in the future, when you’ll have responsibilities…and most probably a boss. So if you don’t want to end up in jail, I advise you to fix that attitude.

One last thing is that kids these days are – how to put this in a subtle way – spoiled. Yes, SPOILED. I still do not understand why a 4-year-old has his own, newest, private iPad. I understand if the dad bought it for himself but downloaded some games for his son but I cannot swallow the idea of such a young kid having his own tablet. Oh yeah, and eighth-graders go to actual parties, and have outings with their friends, waaaaaay more than I or my friends do. (I actually blame school on this one, but seriously, eighth-graders have their tests and studies too so they shouldn’t be out so much, just saying).

There are so many things I can also include but I think you get my point. So, if you happen to agree with what I said, feel free to comment any additional idea you think should be noticed…share your thoughts!




2 thoughts on “Messed Up

  1. You forgot how 11-year-old girls dress like adults and pour makeup over their faces, and young guys in relationships want to take control and boss their “girlfriends” around. It could go on forever.


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