Flipping Pages

I speak and express myself a lot, sometimes in several languages, but people at many times simply wonder what the sentence I just said meant. Sadly, I don’t always have an answer.

I am a book.

I’m a collection of pictures and natural scenes. I show people the world. They look at me, and I look back at them. They seem fascinated, and you can clearly see that through their eyes.

I’m a collection of big words…words that make my admirer wonder. Luckily, my brother has an explanation to every word there is, how incredible!

I’m a teacher, too. I teach kids about the world, and always make sure the level of difficulty is appropriate. I should get paid, though. 15$ would be fine.

Did you know why Laura brought me home? She invited me so I can teach little Julia how to count till 50. I was happy to see Julia learn so quickly, not to mention that cute little smile of hers.

Morgan, however, does not like me. He has beaten me a lot. He has left scars on my skin. How rude. Teens are not taught well at home. I can honestly see that there has been no “Do not use violence” rules back home. How shameful.

And then comes Peter. Ah…Peter. He is so nice. He is lovable to a fault. It’s crazy. It makes me happy when he looks at me with eyes showing his eagerness and excitement, his surprise and disappointments, his emotions and dullness. All that just by looking at me. Yeah, I have that effect on people.

What I have noticed is that I can change someone’s life. I can alter someone’s visions and perspectives. I can create a new human…all that simply by speaking!

As they flip through my pages, they discover more. I’m a collection of adventures, of emotions, of secrets, of motivational actions, of lessons, of messages, of values, of integrity. Yes, my pages do make a difference, and I carry everything inside me, keeping all of it safe.


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