Xavi Hernández. Once a legend, always a legend.

I admit that I have not been an FCBarcelona fan or even a football supporter ever since I was born, but ever since I actually became a Barça fan, the team meant a lot to me. And I am not the kind of girl who says she likes football to impress guys or only watches football for the good looks of the players. No. Football is more than a bunch of dudes passing the ball to each other. Football is a passion. You can clearly see that on each player’s face.  FCBarcelona is one of the best teams to ever play (if you disagree, feel free to disagree).

Players come and go, legends leave, but their performances remain engraved, and still be considered unique. Take Carles Puyol, for example. He retired in 2014, but the way he plays and his techniques amazed the crowd, and re-watching his performances will still amaze the viewers.

Now, it’s Xavi’s turn to leave. For instance, he got really emotional during his speech yesterday and that just brings tears to my eyes. His departure is affecting me more than Puyol’s because Xavi is in fact one of my favorite players on this team. Not because of what he looks like, but for his skills and abilities.



I mean 25 trophies, 765 games, 173 assists and 83 goals for Barcelona. If that is not an accomplishment, I don’t know what is.






Xavi is a huge part of the team, to the point where he was thrown up in the air by his teammates.



Even the stadium presented a token of love to him, so you can see how much he means to all of us.



So Xavi, thank you for all you have done and all you have put for the team. You will always be in every culé’s heart, and we love you. #6raciesXavi.




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