I love this picture just a liiiiiittle too much to be honest.

Dad, you’re the one who feels like everything should be perfect, the one who believes he is responsible for each and every single member of the family, the one who works hard for us to have a roof over our head, food on our table, gas for the winter… The one who stays strong in the hardest times, saying it will be okay.
You’re the one who never talks about his concerns, so we wouldn’t preoccupy our little minds, the one who is so dedicated to God, and who tries to build himself spiritually.
You’re the one who has taught my brother and I so much in life for as long as we have lived.
You’re the one who has helped me everytime I fell, everytime I cried. You’re the one who took me to the hospital when I broke my leg. You were always there.
You’re the one who has answers to all my doubts and questions.
You’re the one who would sacrifice absolutely everything for us.
You’re the man I idolize.
The picture above was taken when I was five, but look how happy I seemed to be. Well, I was in your arms, dad.

And dad, I know this isn’t much, but I thank God every day for having you as my father, my protector and my friend. I could never describe how much I love you, but know it’s from the heart. Thank you, for being you.


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