What Are We Doing?

What are we doing?

We are making stupid people famous. We are allowing a song about sex and drugs to be the number one hit. We are watching nasty music videos on YouTube. We are exposing our eyes and ears to atrocious scenes and rhythms.

Yet we wonder why people like the Kardashians and Robin Thicke are famous. I might sound biased about this, but here is something I have to say:

Hey you. Yeah, you. You downloaded Blurred Lines, right? You thought it was catchy, right? Well congratulations, the song became a hit. A song about sex is a hit. Wow, this song speaks to me…not.



I believe that if Robin Thicke took the time to write or sing a song that does not include porn, he’d actually be acceptable. This applies to a lot of today’s artists as well.

I don’t see why the Kardashians are famous. They are just a bunch of over-dramatic plastic chicks who have nothing to do but post provocative pictures of themselves and “be deep”.



I don’t understand why Iggy Azalea is famous. Honestly, she’s a wannabe. Iggy has no good voice, or attractive body, if that is what some people look for. Her voice annoys me, honestly.



Ariana Grande is famous mostly because of the TV show she used to act in. Okay, I admit she has a good voice but she’s so…ew. Her music videos are irrelevant and about putting on a show. Yeah, okay she’s hot and all and then?



Don’t even get me started on Nicki Minaj. Seriously guys? Of all people in the music business, THIS is whom you decided to help in reaching fame? Someone please tell me why a song like Anaconda has reached number one. It is a song about butts. A song about looking at freaking butts. I was disgusted.



P.S: I am not here to post nasty pictures.

I can go on and on to be honest, but I think you’ve had enough examples. We, as music enthusiasts, have done this. We have downloaded the songs, we have saved pictures, we have gone to concerts. People are downloading songs, saying they’re catchy, but ignoring the fact that the songs are about drugs, sex, parties and well, women. Where is the taste, guys?



We complain about the stupidity and mediocrity of today’s music, when in fact we are to blame. What are we doing?




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