Hey You

Hey you,

Sitting on the edge of the bed,
A thousand thoughts in your head,
The shredding laughs haunting your mind
Make hope harder to find.

Hey you,
Your smile starts to fade,
Reaching for the blade,
You just want some aid,
But you’ve lost all comrade.

Hey you,
Surrounded by your fears,
Drowning in your tears,
Drinking, hoping to reach the end
Of a life you can no longer defend.

Hey you,
You think happiness is impenetrable,
You think you are intolerable,
You have lost all glimpse of happiness
And life to you is now a bundle of emptiness.

Hey you,
There is the dark covering your heart, Preventing the sanity to play its part
You must know the authentic value of life
And refuse to surrender to that knife.

Hey you,
It’s time for you to walk along,
The path of fate while feeling strong,
And thus proving it’s here you belong
And the menace will hurtingly know it was wrong.


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