Five Demons.



See this? This reflects the lives of many, many people out there. Our monsters are our demons, our burdens. There are indeed demons that haunt the lives of many individuals, and these people try to drown their demons, but fail at many times.



Bring Me The Horizon’s song displayed above says it very clearly. Can you possibly imagine the number of people who are forced to live with disorders that already make their lives tough, and end up facing judgments, which makes life even harder? It’s not easy.


The picture represented above quite characterizes some of a human’s “demons”, and I must say that this picture has had a serious impact on my life.

Anorexia, Bulimia, suicide, self-harm, and depression. Just examples of the disorders that we view as demons. However, people who have these disorders at many times don’t realize they do, and thus don’t take these disorders seriously, which makes them even more of a burden. These people should work on themselves, because if the disorders don’t vanish, the demons never die. So if they know they have a disorder, instead of doing nothing, they should work on themselves, with the help of someone maybe.

So all I want to say is that, to every person actually trying to fight against his/her demons, and feels like there’s no way out, you’re not alone. And trust me, you will never be alone.
I promise you, things will get better and no, you’re are not going to be the girl in the middle, the one surrounded by five demons, because things always get better, but first start with yourself.
You have my prayers, and I love you all.


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