We live in a weird world.

A world where it happens that people get judged a lot by some ignorants who just criticize for the sake of criticizing.

Others just have to get judged because of their race, background, culture, dress code etc.

Well I’m judged everyday. But not me as a person, but as an ethnic group; I am Arab. (well technically, I am Phoenician but this has to do with a little history I don’t want to include right now. Moving on).

I don’t get why a lot of foreigners fear us like we have Ebola or something. I mean, not all of us are terrorists. Not all of us are blood-sucking monsters. Not all of us have a restless desire to kill. There are a lot of wonderful Arabs out there.
Oh, and one more thing: not all of us belong to one religion. We consist of muslims, christians and others as well.

Some foreigners tend to have the idea that because a person is Arab, then that person is muslim. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying being muslim is bad or anything but I am Christian. I’m a 16-year-old Lebanese Christian girl. And I’m proud of it.

Lebanon, like any other country, has it’s bad sides, a lot of them even, but all in all, it is a wonderful country. We are a mixed country. We vary between Christians and Muslims. And we learn to get along. Let me ask you this question: do you fear muslims and Arabs because of a not-gonna-last terrorist group? Trust me, terrorist groups always get weakened and back away and a lot of muslims are actually wonderful human beings.

My point is, do not fear me, or my family, or friends, or my Lebanese people, simply because some utterly inhumane group of people decided to ruin the image of Arabs. A lot of us come in peace, and we mean no harm. So, please, change your perspectives.



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