Four Walls

Four walls. Four walls that make up a room. My room.

A room that has seen me grow up,
A room that welcomed me whenever I felt sad, and whenever I needed to cry,
A room that has witnessed all my virtual concerts and somehow my bad dancing,
A room that treasures all my precious things, like my earphones or my perfume bottles
A room that takes care of all my books, my pictures, and my drawings
A room that has watched me throw  tantrums over the massive amounts of homework I have,
A room that has seen me in every single outfit,

That room, made of four walls.

Four walls that gave me comfort, privacy, and warmth
Four walls that offered me the chance to create imaginary scenarios that will probably never take place in real life, but still made me happy..scenarios that made me smile at how ridiculous it would have been if someone actually saw me…

I do like these four walls, don’t you?



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