Model United Nations


Well, dear friends and bloggers, it is all over.
As I’ve previously told you, I have joined the Model United Nations program. Let me put it this way, high school students from 200 schools in my country participated in that program and we went through a miniature United Nations-like two-day conference, and each school delegation represents a country. As you have probably seen from the picture, my school represented Norway.
Day 1 of the conference: everything was fine, I entered my committee of 112 members and I went up for 4 speeches. Everything went well.

Day 2 of the conference: we reached our resolutions, our resolution paper was voted upon, and I went up for 4 speeches on that day as well.

And for the record, speaking 8 times all in all in a 112-member committee is actually outstanding.

Our discussions among countries, called unmoderated caucuses, went well, though somehow chaotic. But the other delegates of the European countries bloc were constantly calling out for me. You could literally hear them go like “Norway? Norway! Come here quickly!”

Ukraine, India and Iceland were really good delegates, and they were really nice.

(Guinea-Bisseau is a metalhead and she’s now a bestie)

And then the time came: the award ceremony. The dais of each committee came out and said which countries in that specific committee won a Position Paper award (3rd award rank, meaning you have an excellent Position Paper), which countries have a Diplomacy award (2nd award rank, meaning you have an excellent Position Paper AND great diplomatic skills) and finally which countries got the Secretary General award (1st rank award, meaning you are absolutely perfect).

I wanted to say something, oh yeah… I WON A DIPLOMACY AWARD.

Well, the dais of my committee came out saying which countries got a diplomacy and then came “Norway!”. I was speechless. I really thought that I could just make it to the Position Paper award but turns out I was wrong, and I’m really happy and proud of my work.

Before I finish this, here’s my last idea. All delegates who got Diplomacy awards and Secretary General awards are going to go through a new mock conference here in our country and whomever is qualified gets to go to New York for an actual conference! How cool is this? I have to work effectively again, and wish me luck!


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