She loves you.
She spent sleepless nights when you were born, because she loves you.
She spent countless hours shopping for you, to buy you the prettiest clothes, because she loves you.
She spent/will spend 8-9 years sitting next to you while you study, because she loves you.
You made her want to pull her hair out, but she handled it, because she loves you.
She wanted the last piece of cake, but gave it to you, because she loves you.
She says no sometimes, for your sake, because she loves you.
She hates being the mean one, because she loves you.
She took care of your scratched finger, because she loves you.

Wait, no.

She doesn’t love you. She adores you. 

I know I’ve done things that weren’t polite when I was a kid.
I know I’ve messed up sometimes and made her look bad.
But I know I can always trust her.
I know she believes in me.
I know she’ll always be there for me.
I know she can always make me smile.
I know she loves me.

And I’m absolutely thankful for all of that.

I also know that I shouldn’t just tell her these things today, but it just happens because I don’t always have the chance to do so.

So here is my chance.
I see her as the most beautiful flower in the garden, as the brightest star in the night sky. She is the one who is ready to do everything for everyone.
She is the sadness eraser, the mood flipper, the happy one, the lively one, and the person everybody loves.

She taught me so much in life and I couldn’t be any more blessed to have her.

So I want to wish you, my beloved mom, from the bottom of my heart, a warm happy mothers’ day.


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