What is Love?


On the occasion of Valentines’ Day, my teacher decided to start a discussion in class and he asked us, based on experience (no matter how little), to define love.
My classmates naturally got excited and started expressing themselves about their understandings of love. Many of them said love is putting your lover’s happiness before yours and other stuff like that. It’s all very true, somehow, but I’d say it’s beyond that.
To me, love is not something shallow. Love is not waiting for your lover to send you love notes or to compliment you using sweet words. Anyone can do that. It’s very pleasant, I’m not saying the opposite, but with time it might really become shallow.
To me, love is not blind. Love is a feeling that makes the heart go nuts, as some people say, but it’s not blind…at least it shouldn’t be. Love should be controlled by the brain and felt by the heart, because a relationship demands awareness and it goes nowhere when you’re naïve. In that case, it will most probably lead you to a huge painful disappointment.
To me, a first love is not when you fall for someone.
A first love starts way before, with family. Look at your parents. Two people loved each other to the point where they made a commitment, and decided to become one; then they later passed on that love to a new born human. Isn’t this beautiful?
The first love a person experiences is the love of a family.
This family is there for that person. Whether sick, cold, or hungry, the family is always there. Your parents, your relatives, always there.
They say the first man a girl ever falls in love with is her father, mostly because she sees her father as the best human being on earth and because he – normally – loves her more than anything else. She feels protected by him, because he’s so strong. She feels like a princess, because he cares about her. He might be strict sometimes, but she adores him.
What about a little boy? Before starting to have interest in girls and falling for them, his mom is the woman he loves more than anyone. Of course, she takes care of him. She sacrifices for him. (Yes, she wanted the last cookie, but she didn’t want to upset him). The boy, like he would do for his future girlfriend, would never let anyone talk badly about his mom. His mom teaches him how to be gallant for his future life. She might be strict sometimes but he loves her.

I personally believe that the greatest love a human can possibly experience is the love of a family.
To me, this love is more powerful than any other form that exists between a couple.

To me, this is true love.



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